Is Brian Labone still alive?

Is Brian Labone still alive?

Deceased (1940–2006)
Brian Labone/Living or Deceased

What year did Brian Labone die?

April 24, 2006
Brian Labone/Date of death

Who captained Everton?

Seamus Coleman
The Blues have had almost 50 appointed Club captains, from the very first in the Club’s history, Nick Ross, to current skipper Seamus Coleman.

What is the meaning of Labone?

labone is a habitation name from the broad category of surnames that were derived from place-names. They were derived from pre-existing names for towns, villages, parishes, or farmsteads.

Where did the name labone come from?

The lineage of the name labone begins with the Anglo-Saxon tribes in Britain. It is a result of when they lived in the village of Leybourne. labone is a habitation name from the broad category of surnames that were derived from place-names.

Is Liverpool older than Everton?

Liverpool’s origins lie with their neighbours Everton. Founded in 1878, Everton moved to Anfield in 1884, a facility owned by the club’s president, John Houlding, a former Lord Mayor of Liverpool.

What does labone mean?

Here is Labone meaning in English: Thursday.

How many times did Brian Labone play for England?

A one-club man, Labone’s professional career lasted from 1958 to 1971, during which he won the Football League championship twice and the FA Cup once. He also played 26 times for the England national football team . Brian Labone was born in Liverpool, England, on 23 January 1940. His parents were Arthur Leslie Labone and Bridget Patricia Rice.

Who was Brian Labone and what did he do?

James Corbett writes: Labone was the footballing antithesis of the hard men who came to characterise the 1970s, at the end of a tradition of footballing gentlemen, such as Tom Finney and Stanley Matthews. Yet he could be idiosyncratic, as witness the priority he gave his wedding over the 1966 World Cup.

When did Brian Labone play in the FA Cup?

Labone played in the championship teams of 1962–63 and 1969–70, in the FA Cup winning team of 1966, and in the FA Cup final of 1968. He also won the FA Charity Shield in 1963 and 1970. Labone showed his high opinion of Everton in a simple quote “One Evertonian is worth twenty Liverpudlians”

How old was Brian Labone when he joined Everton?

Labone, a central defender, made his debut for Everton in 1958, after joining the club at the age of 17, going on to make 534 appearances for the club. He was the first Everton player to play for England since the war making 26 appearances under Sir Alf Ramsay.

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