What is the critical pressure of ammonia?

What is the critical pressure of ammonia?

Substance Critical temperature Critical pressure
[°F] [psi], [lb/in2]
Air -220.94 549.08
Ammonia (NH3) 270 1636
Argon -188 705.6

What is the specific gravity of aqueous ammonia?

Aqua Ammonia: (SDS) Safety Data Sheet

APPEARANCE AND ODOR: Colorless liquid or gas with a pungent odor.
SPECIFIC GRAVITY OF VAPOR (air = 1): 0.596 at 32 °F
WEIGHT (per gallon): 7.46 pounds to 7.99 pounds
EVAPORATION RATE (water = 1): Similar

What is the density of aqueous ammonia?

880 kg/m³
Ammonia solution/Density

At what pressure is ammonia a liquid?

125 psi
Ammonia gas turns into a liquid at 125 psi (862 kPa) and liquid ammonia is transported in pipelines.

What is critical point pressure?

For a gas mixture, the critical point is defined as the point (pressure and temperature) at which all properties of the liquid and the gas become identical. It is also the point at which the bubble point line joins the dew point line.

What is the critical point of oxygen?

−118.6 °C
Table of liquid–vapor critical temperature and pressure for selected substances

Substance Critical temperature
Oxygen (O2) −118.6 °C (154.6 K)
Carbon dioxide (CO2) 31.04 °C (304.19 K)
Nitrous oxide (N2O) 36.4 °C (309.5 K)
Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) 654 °C (927 K)

What is the pH of aqueous ammonia?

The pH of an aqueous ammonia is 11 .

What is the pH of aqua ammonia?

Aqua ammonia is an excellent acid neutralizer. Its pH varies with concentration. Typical values are 11.7 at 1%, 12.2 at 5%, 12.4 at 10% and 13.5 at 30%. The freezing point of a 26° Baumé solution is about -110°F.

How do you liquify ammonia?

By applying high pressure and lowering the temperature the ammonia gas can be liquified. When a high pressure is applied to ammonia gas, it gets compressed (into a small volume), and when we also lower its temperature, it gets liquefied.

What temp does ammonia condense to a liquid?

At atmospheric pressure, ammonia, NH3, is present as a liquid at temperatures below -33.6 °C (-28.5 °F). At 10 bara, the condensation/boiling point is 25 °C (77 °F).

What is super critical condition?

The supercritical condition of a steam-water cycle is a state at which its temperature and pressure are above its thermodynamic critical point, where the pressure of the steam water is 22.12 MPa, the temperature is 647.14 K, and the density is 324 kg/m3.

What should the vapor pressure of aqua ammonia be?

At ambient temperatures, the vapor pressure of 26° Baumé material just about equals atmospheric pressure. Aqua ammonia should be stored in a closed container and kept cool, otherwise, the ammonia gas will come out of solution and the material strength will be reduced. LEGAL NOTICE: Copyright © 1998 Tanner Industries, Inc. (“TII”).

How much does a gallon of ammonia weigh?

weight of liquid ammonia 5.15 pounds per gallon (water weight 8.33 pounds per gallon) boiling point liquid ammonia at atmospheric pressure-28 oF (-33.3 oC) liquid ammonia expands to 850 times its liquid volume at atmospheric pressure.

What is the concentration of ammonia in ammonium hydroxide?

Ammonium hydroxide appears as a colorless aqueous solution. Concentration of ammonia ranges up to approximately 30%. Ammonia vapors (which arise from the solution) irritate the eyes. DryPowder; Liquid; WetSolid Clear, colourless solution, having an exceedingly pungent, characteristic odour

What are the properties of anhydrous ammonia in the table?

The table above gives properties of the vapor–liquid equilibrium of anhydrous ammonia at various temperatures. The second column is vapor pressure in k Pa. The third column is the density of the liquid phase. The fourth column is the density of the vapor. The fifth column is the heat of vaporization needed to convert one gram of liquid to vapor.

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