Is the 800 a true story?

Is the 800 a true story?

The film is based on real life events the Defense of Sihang Warehouse in 1937 Shanghai by nationalist KMT troops during the Battle of Shanghai and the Second Sino-Japanese War. Originally scheduled for release in July 2019, the premiere and the release was moved to August 21, 2020 nationwide release.

Where is the Sihang warehouse?

Defense of Sihang Warehouse/Location

Who won the battle of Shanghai?

After over three months of extensive fighting on land, in the air and at sea, the battle concluded with a victory for Japan.

What is eight hundred as a number?

The cardinal number occurring after seven hundred ninety-nine and before eight hundred one, represented in Arabic numerals as 800.

What happened in Shanghai that angered the Japanese?

The Chinese soldiers had to rely primarily on small-caliber weapons in their defense of Shanghai, against an overwhelming Japanese onslaught of air, naval, and armored power. In the end, Shanghai fell, and China lost a significant portion of its best troops, while failing to elicit any international intervention.

Where was the Sihang Warehouse in China located?

The warehouse, also known as the Chinese Mint Godown by those from the concessions, is a six-story concrete building situated in Zhabei District north of Suzhou Creek, at the north-western edge of New Lese Bridge (now North Tibet Road Bridge). Built jointly by four banks —hence the name Sihang (literally meaning,…

Where did the Battle of Sihang take place?

The warehouse’s location just across the Suzhou Creek from the foreign concessions in Shanghai meant the battle took place in full view of the western powers .

What was the actual strength of the defenders of Sihang Warehouse?

Official communications referred to the defenders as the 524th Regiment to mislead the Japanese as to their actual strength, even though only the 1st Battalion took part in this battle, and other elements of the regiment continued to be active well into 1939.

What kind of equipment did the Chinese use at Sihang?

The regiment was assigned used equipment from the front-line troops of the 88th, and was well equipped considering the shoddy equipment that most Chinese forces had.

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