How can I watch DStv on my iPad?

How can I watch DStv on my iPad?

Go to the app store on the device you want to stream DStv on. Type ‘DStv’ into the search bar and hit install. Download the DStv streaming app for iOS and Android.

How can I stream DStv for free?

How to sign up for DStv Now free service:

  1. Go to and click on Sign Up.
  2. Fill in your details and click Create An Account.
  3. Provide your ID, smartcard or customer number.
  4. If you’re not subscribed to DStv, scroll to the bottom and choose Skip.
  5. Name your profile and set your profile pic.
  6. Start watching.

Is DStv now available on iOS?

If you have an iOS device (iPad or iPhone) you can get DStv Now in the Apple App Store. The Android version of DStv Now is available to download from the Google Play Store.

Can I watch catch up on my iPad?

The Freeview app brings together live and catch-up TV from different channels on your iPhone, iPad or Google Android smartphone or tablet. With TV apps such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can watch your favourite shows wherever you like, either live or via catch-up.

How many devices can stream on DStv now?

four devices
Each DStv subscription includes 4 users on our app, with two being able to watch at the same time. This means you can use the app on a maximum of four devices, with management of the devices done on the app. How can I watch DStv online?

How do I activate free channels on DStv?

press the “TV button” on your remote control. The “Bouquet Options” menu will appear. Select “Public PAS7/10” Pressing any of the arrow buttons on your remote, will open the screen with all the available Free to Air channels. Simply select the channel you wish to view and press ok to view.

What happened to DStv now?

MultiChoice has indeed “moved” and “removed” DStv’s Catch Up from its streaming app and online website but has not removed any of the actual content. It’s the second naming convention change to its streaming service after MultiChoice removed the “Now” from its “DStv Now” streaming service.

How do I manage my DStv now devices?

Manage devices on DStv Now

  1. Open DStv Now app (smartphone or tablet).
  2. Go to More > Settings > Manage Devices.
  3. If you don’t recognise a device, click on it and hit “Remove Device”.

Where can I watch DStv on my iPhone?

Download now and get watching! Never miss your favourite TV shows, sports team or breaking news with the DStv mobile app, watch live on your iPhone or iPad anytime, anywhere*; catch up on the latest episodes and movies or download to watch offline later.

Can a smart TV be used as a DStv?

SMART TV’s are becoming more popular in homes and you can install app to it as well. Install the DStv Now app and log in using your account credentials to start streaming. Supported manufacturers include Samsung and LG, with Apple TV and Android media players also featuring support for the DStv Now app.

Can you get DStv for free on Netflix?

Interestingly, you can watch DStv for free on the app (or web browser) even if you’re not a DStv subscriber. It’ll grant you access to a limited number of local shows and certain sport channels, but pair it with a Netflix subscription and you’re largely set.

Is the DStv app available in South Africa?

If you don’t have DStv, no problem, just download the mobile app, sign-up, and start watching our selection of free live streaming channels and video on your iPhone or iPad (available in South Africa only). As long as you’ve got the data, you’re good to go. *Available in country of subscription.

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