Can you supercharge a CR-Z?

Can you supercharge a CR-Z?

At the heart of the CR-Z performance upgrade is a $5,495 supercharger kit. A supercharger is a smart addition to the CR-Z because it boosts horsepower to 197 hp (combined gas/electric), up from 130 hp stock. After this kit is installed, the CR-Z will need to be fueled with 91 octane (Premium) gas.

Is the Honda CR-Z reliable?

Honda has been known to score well in reliability surveys and the CR-Z does nothing to change that. According to our own latest reliability survey, the CR-Z puts in a near-perfect score.

Can a Mugen spoiler be installed on a Honda CR-Z?

Some part of the OE bumper needs to be cut for installation. MUGEN Front Under Spoiler can be installed together with Honda OE halogen fog lights. Matte black finish fog bezels are applied for both painted and unpainted spoilers. Light color is sharp white. Aero illumination itself cannot be “on” or “off” independently.

What kind of diffuser does Honda Mugen use?

MUGEN Rear Under Spoiler can not be installed together with Honda OE rear corner sensor / back sonar. Matte black finish diffuser is applied for both painted and unpainted soilers. LED rear fog light can add an impression of racing car silhouette to the rear appearance and has high level of visibility even in bad weather.

Is the Honda CR-Z available in the Philippines?

Honda CR-Z was the third hybrid car released in Indonesia after Toyota Prius and Toyota Camry Hybrid. Transmission is offered in 6-speed manual or CVT automatic. Honda Cars Philippines Inc. introduced the CR-Z hybrid coupe to the Philippine market in August 2013. The Honda CR-Z is offered in three variants; a standard trim, Modulo, and Mugen.

What kind of IMA does the Honda CR-Z have?

The CR-Z is the sixth unique version of Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) technology since the technology was first launched in the first generation Insight 3 door hatchback.

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