How many Brotherhood missions are there Saints Row 2?

How many Brotherhood missions are there Saints Row 2?

Excluding DLC content there are forty-two missions and fourteen strongholds.

What did Dex do to the Saints?

Dex doesn’t appear in Saints Row: The Third. In the unreleased spin-off Saints Row: Money Shot, he is assassinated by a female assassin working for Ultor named Cypher. Dex is featured in the Revenge Diversion in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell as a husk wearing Dex’s visor cap from Saints Row.

Where is the Brotherhood in Saints Row 2?

The starting point for this mission line is over in Black Bottom, which is part of the Factories District at the southeast end of the map A legion of police officers appear and interrupt the Saints’ meeting with Maero, the leader of the Brotherhood gang. You must escape from the Stilwater Caverns with Maero and Carlos in tow.

What’s the first mission in Saints Row 2?

The first Ultor Mission, ” Revelation “, can be done immediately after ” Jailbreak “, a clue is given in dialogue towards the end of the ” Appointed Defender ” mission. The rest of the missions are Epilogue missions and cannot be done until after destroying The Ronin, the Sons of Samedi, and The Brotherhood .

What are the glitches in Saints Row 2?

There are multiple glitches which allow exiting an activity, a mission, or a Mission Replay, without a “Mission Failed” screen. These glitches are useful to obtain cars or clothing items which are only available during certain missions and are otherwise impossible to get afterward, such as the repair uniform used in Assault on Precinct 31.

Why did I take on the Brotherhood in SR2?

SR2 I took on the brotherhood for story reasons with maero’s deal, it wouldn’t make sense for him to try and fuck you over on the 20/80 split if you already own over half the city. That and Carlos calls for missions immediately after reforming the saints.

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