What do you do with extra wire shelves?

What do you do with extra wire shelves?

  1. Wire shelving turned upside down makes a great shoe rack.
  2. Hang cleaning supplies.
  3. Take out a wire or two to make space for the end of a drill.
  4. Fitting the blade of a circular saw through the wires keeps it upright.
  5. Wire shelves make great wood storage shelving.
  6. Wire shelving for rakes and shovels.
  7. Cut holes in wire shelves.

Can I paint wire shelving?

Paint. Wire shelves tend to chip and scratch over time, exposing the metal and making the shelves look dirty. With a couple of coats of spray paint designed to stick to plastic, you can update the look of your shelves.

Can you spray paint wire shelving?

What’s the best way to use wire for shelving?

The next one of my wire shelving hacks does require the shelf to be installed somewhere. But at least the holes between the shelves come in handy! They’re perfect for hanging cleaning supplies that have handles. Hook the handles over the edge of the shelf and the wires will keep them separated and easy to grab. 4. Make Tools Easier To Store

Can you organize a small pantry with Wire shelving?

A lot of us don’t have the luxury of a large, walk-in pantry; I’ve even seen pantry rooms with windows (#dreams #goals) and while I am sharing ideas to organize a small pantry with wire shelving, most of the principles will still apply for even the dreamiest food storage spaces ;). *Posts on KelleyNan.com may contain affiliate links.

Are there any downsides to Wire shelving?

One of the biggest downsides of wire shelving is not having a solid surface for not just food, but for organizers (like the expandable shelf ). Shelf liners may not be necessary for every single shelf, but you can find them perfectly pre-cut HERE.

Can you use wire shelves for shoe racks?

While I don’t like using wire shelves for storing clothing, they do make excellent shoe racks. Turning them upside down so that the lip on the shelf is at the front makes sure the shoes don’t slide off the front. Then you can use the same clips to attach them to the walls that you would normally.

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