What happened to Goodfellow and co?

What happened to Goodfellow and co?

In late May, the retailer quietly announced its plans to spin off its nearly 2-year-old, private-label men’s fashion brand, Goodfellow & Co, from a pure apparel line into grooming. “Goodfellow & Co grooming was created to better meet that demand with products we can ensure are effective and affordable.”

Is Goodfellow a target brand?

It’s been nearly two years since we announced Target-exclusive Goodfellow & Co as our new men’s apparel and accessories brand. Since then, it’s not only helped boost Target’s total men’s apparel business, but it’s on track to be a nearly $1 billion brand by 2020.

Are Goodfellow shirts 100 cotton?

Product description This thermal shirt will keep you warm in 100% cotton.

Is Goodfellow good quality?

If you are 5’8″ or over, Target’s Goodfellow & Co. would be a good spot to shop for affordable clothes that fit well. If you ask me, it’s not really worth it to tailor clothes as cheap as this, you may as well invest in higher quality and brands that offer sizes closer to your fit. All in all it’s a good selection.

Who makes Goodfellow razors?

Target aims for its 2-year-old Goodfellow & Co brand to be a $1 billion brand by 2020, and it took a further step in that direction with selling $8.99 razors in all 1,844 Target stores and online. Target has been the go-to retail incubator for DTC brands. The company was who Harry’s chose to go offline with in 2016.

Who makes good fellow?

Target on Friday announced that its men’s Goodfellow brand would be expanding to include grooming products after a year of testing. The grooming line launched in stores and online May 19, according to a company press release.

Who makes Goodfellow shirts?

Target’s Goodfellow men’s apparel brand first launched almost two years ago and, according to the company, it’s poised to be a “nearly $1 billion brand by 2020.” That popularity played a big part in the expansion into men’s grooming, an increasingly popular category, according to Mark Tritton, executive vice president …

What is a standard fit T shirt?

WHAT IS A REGULAR FIT T-SHIRT? A regular fit T-shirt usually hugs snuggly around the body while leaving adequate room for comfort in the sleeves and waist. Generally speaking, these T-shirts lean more into comfort than style, and are acceptable for any casual situation but you might not want to wear one to the office.

Who makes Goodfellow?

Are Harry’s razors good?

The new lubricating strip does go a bit gooey the first time you shave with it, but it’s an improvement overall, too, helping the razor glide over the skin much more smoothly. As for closeness, I stand by my original comments that it’s just as good any other five-blade razor system I’ve used.

Are Target shirts good quality?

Years ago, Target was a great place to pick up many basic menswear items — items like t-shirts, henleys, polos, even some sweaters. Target’s two in-house brands — Merona and Mossimo — actually did a really great job at making items like those just mentioned that were solid-enough quality, well-priced, and fit well.

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