What is the botanical name of mogra plant?

What is the botanical name of mogra plant?

Jasminum sambac
Arabian jasmine/Scientific names

What is the botanical name for jasmine?

Jasmine/Scientific names
True jasmines have the botanical name Jasminum. However, many other popular plants are widely known as jasmine, due to their similarly scented, white flowers.

Is mogra and jasmine are same?

Mogra which is famously known as Jasmine flower is one of the most beautiful and fragrant amongst all flowering plants in Asia. The flower is also referred to as Kundumalligai, Arabian Jasmine, Jai, Jui, Chameli, Madanban, Sayali, Kunda or Mallika.

What is mogra plant called in English?

Arabian Jasmine
It Is Widely Cultivated For Its Attractive And Sweetly Fragrant Flowers. The Flowers Are Also Used For Perfumes And For Making Tea. It Is Known As The Arabian Jasmine In English.

Is mogra a climber?

Mogra plant is dwarf growing shrub with almost stalkless leaves and wavy margins. The plant can be grown as a short climber too. The heavy scented white flowers are borne in clusters of 3 to 12 and may be single, semi-double or perfectly double.

Is mogra edible?

Be it blossoms such as hibiscus, roses and jasmine (mogra) or foods like banana, cucumber and pumpkin in their flowering stage, Indian cuisine has had regional flowers being fried into fritters, steamed into teas and cooked into gravies for aeons.

What species is jasmine?

jasmine, (genus Jasminum), also spelled jessamine, genus of about 200 species of fragrant-flowered shrubs and vines of the olive family (Oleaceae). The plants are native to tropical and to some temperate areas of the Old World.

What is jasmine called in India?

Jasmine is considered the queen of flowers and is called the “Belle of India” or the “Queen of fragrance” as it is exquisitely scented to soothe and refresh. In different parts of India it is called by different names—Mogra, Motia, Chameli, Malli puvvu, Jaati, Mallige, Juhi, Mogra or Moonlight in the grove.

Is Chameli and jasmine same?

Chameli, Jasmine is a small flower with tiny five petals and is a box of fragrance. It is commonly known as Jasmine and is the most beautiful and fragrant flower in Asia. The flower is also known as Arabian Jasmine, Jai, Jui, Chameli, Sayali, Kunda, Madanban or Mallika.

Is mogra a creeper?

Is Raat Ki Rani a creeper?

Raat ki rani is an evergreen woody shrub growing tall. The leaves are simple, narrow lanceolate long and broad, smooth and glossy, with an entire margin. This sprawling shrub has glossy, smooth, simple leaves, vine-like stems.

What’s the common name for the plant Mogra?

Common Name – Mogra Botanical Name – Jasminum sambac

How big does a vine of Mogra get?

The common variety of mogra grown on evergreen shrubs, and it is the pride of all gardens. Its botanical name is ‘Jasminum Sambac.’ Some variety of Mogra, such as Jai, Chameli grows on vine; the shrub grows up to 0.5 to 3 mtrs and the vine up to 10 feet.

What kind of Jasmine is called Mogra in India?

Although native to India, it is commonly known as Arabian Jasmine. It is the double flowering types that are known as Motiya or Mogra in India. The large double flowers (Tuscan) are known by different names like Boddu malle, rai; the semi-doubles are known as dondhara malle, moturia etc.

When to pick the flowers from a Mogra plant?

Mogra is very hardy plant and does not catch any major diseases. Sometimes in very hot and dry climates, the disease caused by Curvularia results in loss of foliage. The plant begins to flower second year onwards after planting. The flowers are harvested in bud stage either in the evening or early in the morning by handpicking.

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